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July 24, 2020

Rotaract MNP’s first fellowship event - Virtual Scavenger Hunt - required people to work through clues with a small group of  members (about 5 in a team). Working virtually is becoming an essential part of life, one that requires people to work through the stress and the lack of physical contact to achieve the desired results. There were 2 rounds of 5 questions each with 6 separate teams per round; this fellowship event required members to get and active and run around their houses, searching for common household items. Then, the team clicked a selfie with the item and posted it on our social media channels, hoping to be the first team to send across the correct photo. 
This event promoted members to get to know each other. Moreover, the most important goal was to have fun and encourage members to build healthy relations with others with whom they plan on spending a good part of the forthcoming year.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt: News & Updates
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