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Mental Health Awareness: News & Updates

The Cricket Season

“Organising a sports event always manages to bring out the best in people. We wanted our members to get to know one another and have a great deal of fun while doing so.” - Rtr. Sia Harlalka


Rotaract Club of Nariman Point hosted their first sports event for the members of the club to bond & interact more with each other. We chose cricket since it was one of the more common sports, and since we were amidst the IPL season, everyone shared the cricket spirit.


This event was held at the Hindu Gymkhana turf and water and a few snacks were arranged from a local shop nearby.


The members met new people and got to know each other slightly better. The event was supposed to last for 2 hours, but it was extended for another hour which indicated that everyone was having a great time. Later on, it went on to become a combination of both cricket and football. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and left the turf tired yet extremely happy and cheerful.


Event Details:-

Venue - Hindu Gymkhana Turf

Members Present - 21

Chairperson - Rtr. Sia Harlalka and Rtr. Sohail Munshi

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