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Ro Fresh

“While studying entrepreneurship, it has always been a dream of mine to actually work on a business model firsthand, and Ro-Fresh provided me with that opportunity.Ro-Fresh assisted me in gaining expertise in starting a company from the ground up while also giving back to the community.” -Rtr. Yash Kapadia


Ro-Fresh aims at providing fresh and organic products to our customers at the most reasonable price while helping the farmers, consumers & the society as a whole, by cutting out middlemen.


This is a conscious effort undertaken by our club as we feel that farmers are not being paid well & the customers do not get what they pay for on a normal basis.The revenue surplus generated in-between was used in funding our future community service projects.


Our project began with making a Youtube video to create awareness about the project and finding various vendors who could provide us with quality products under various categories like spices, dry fruits, pulses, pickles etc. We asked various Rotary all across India to help us source the best quality products from their regions,while our team contacted various farmers to get an idea about their product and quality standards.


We had also developed a website for Ro - Fresh through which anyone could place an order for our products.We had developed a Whatsapp based website as well.


We ended Ro-Fresh due to certain unavoidable difficulties however, we are extremely proud of the impact we made and are looking forward to more such projects!

Event Details:-

Products Supplied - Dry Fruits, Fruits and Vegetables at farm rates directly at your home

Chairperson - Rtr. Karan Saraogi and Rtr.Yash Kapadia

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