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Akshaya Patra
Food DonationCamp

In a project headed by Ria Vissanji, and Tanvi Sait, we supported the Akshaya Patra Foundation in providing meals to people in Assam that were affected by the heavy rains and floods. With the arrival of massive rainfall and floods in Assam, many regions were hit and destroyed as a consequence of which, the life of many people overturned. The Akshaya Patra Foundation started an initiative to provide meals to the victims of the calamity. The cost of each meal would be INR 22/-. The members of rmnp came forward to assist in raising funds from within members, along with friends and family. The club members were able to contribute in our small way to create an impact to help Akshaya Patra Foundation to rebuild the lives of the calamity victims. We were able to raise INR 33,400/- for a total of 1520 meals to help those affected by the floods.


The installation is a formal Rotaract event which indicates the passing of the leadership baton from one president to another. This year, Rtr. Yash Kapadia passed on the President-ship to Rtr. Shubh Kapadia and welcomed his new team for their new term. We held the Installation on 28th August, at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club. The Installation was where we launched our new theme of the year - "Together For The Future". It was a delightful evening with our members and guests present. The event had Rtr. Gemin Shah, the DRR, as our Guest of Honour, along with Mrs. Neeta Sacheti, the President of the Inner Wheel Club of Mumbai Nariman Point, as our Chief Guest. The theme for our installation was “Carnival”. There were games & decor evolving around the theme which members took part in, along with conversations that helped us network with our guests and build connections.

A Trivia -Quiz event

As an initiative taken up under Fellowship, Karan Saraogi, Aarushi Chitlangia, Shailee Agarwal & Abhay Kagzi organised a trivia event which was aimed at increasing active participation of the general body members in the club activities & projects. It was planned so as to make the new members feel welcomed into the club & strengthen the bond amongst all the members as a group. The planning of the project started with the idea of an event to engage all members via topics involving common areas of interest. The organizing team first identified the different avenues wherein the questions could revolve around – them being Sports, the Members, Maths, Hollywood, Bollywood, general riddles, and Alcohol. The teams were bifurcated on a random basis just to ensure that each team had at least one BOD member, and at least 1 newly joined member. It was an energetic event e participation from our members & an evening filled with fun!

“ To Beginnings & Beyond! ”
Farewell Event for Members

As many of our members were planning to shift abroad for work or further studies, we decided to give these members a memorable experience of club bonding, in the form of a farewell party. The planning began with shortlisting a venue for this event. The event was then planned as a Bollywood night celebration to attract maximum crowd & ensure a guaranteed fun filled event. The event took place on the 17th of September, Saturday at B-Lounge, Mumbai alongwith an evening of laughter, joy & memories!

“ Chai Pe Charcha ”
Letterhead  Exchange  with 
Rotaract Club  of  Kathmandu Mid-Town

Our vice president, Sohail Munshi while visiting nepal in coordination with our ISD Rtr. Aryan Agarwal were successful in setting up a letter head exchange with the Rotaract club of Kathmandu Mid-town. On the 9th of July, we held the first letterhead exchange and chai pe charcha of the year 2022-23. Wherein, we discussed about further collaborations & events and how we can further our relation. We discussed how we can contribute to projects of each others club and how we can help bridge the gap between the 2 clubs present in 2 different countries through social work.

Letterhead Exchange with Rotaract Club of Ahmedabad Transcend

Our second chai pe charcha event was held by our International Servive Director Rtr. Aryan Agarwal with the Rotaract Club of Ahmedabad Transcend in Bombay. Wherein, we again discussed future collaborations as well as joint events between the 2 clubs that can be the catalyst in furthering our relations. The letterhead exchange was done by Rtr. Prince Gulecha on behalf of the Rotaract Club of Ahmedabad Transcend. This was a great experience to be a part of!

Jashn - E - 3141

JASHN - E - 3141 was hosted by Rotaract District 3141 in collaboration with various clubs of our District. This year RMNP collaborated with the District to be a part of this initiative. The Initiative focuses on welcoming districts from outside Mumbai for a span of 3 days and showing them around Mumbai and spreading Rotaraction. Jashn-E-3141 was bigger this year as it was happening on ground after 2 years. Rtr Sohail Munshi got an exclusive opportunity to attend the DRR Dinner and Interact with over 80+ Delegates from various Districts & do a cross club letterhead exchange.The event was a massive hit and marked our 2nd event in the International Service Avenue

Sepak Tournament

Sepak is basically Foot Volleyball and we chose this sport because it’s not that popular. We had 3 teams of 3 and we played a three way tournament which Karan Shubh and Adil’s team won. One new club member - Aishwar, participated & he said “It was a fun event and he’s looking forward to more.” This was the just the beginning of the Sports events and there are many more to come in the coming days. Looking forward to even greater sport event in the future.

President’s Talk

Presidents Talk was an initiative undertaken by the Marketing, PR & Social Media Avenue of RMNP for the very first time. The project covered various Presidents of various clubs & covered their perspective through the upcoming Rotaract Year. It was graced by the presence of DRR Gemin Shah, DRR (E)/DRS Rtr. Aastha Parekh and IPDRR Rtr. Bharat Patel. The event covered 39 Presidents from various leading clubs and covered their stories and ideas as well as their vision for their year. The project was covered over a span of 4 weeks & highlighted various journeys, outlooks on leadership, team spirit & coming together for the greator good of society.

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