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Mental Health Awareness: News & Updates

Project Flo

“This project is something that can have a great impact on people and change their lives for good. I could not pass up on such a great opportunity to make a difference.” -Rtr. Alaiha Vanjara


Project Flo was carried out with the aim of impacting Amchong’s women workers in a tea garden in Assam, by improving their menstrual hygiene. We distributed a total number of 50,000 sanitary pads to 694 women for a period of 6 months. [ Each woman received a 6 month supply of pads with 12 pads given to her for each month].


We then coordinated with a manufacturer who would help us execute our plans regarding the order details, location and payment, keeping in mind the budget as well. We partnered with Amchong Tea Estate in Assam who covered half the cost.


The tea estate is packaging the sanitary pads into bundles for supply to the women and they are wrapping it in newspapers to be eco-friendly. The packages have 3 stickers on them, namely a club sticker, project sticker and a tea estate sticker. We are in the process of drafting an instruction pamphlet in Assamese to be circulated amongst the women to educate them on the correct way to use a sanitary pad. The tea estate has also said that there will be a local nurse present who will help them and instruct the women on how to use it.

Event Details:-

Collaboartion With :- Amchang Tea Estate Assam

Total Sanitary Pads Given - 50,000

Chairperson - Rtr. Alaiha Vanjara , Rtr. Tanay Kanodia and Rtr. Avishi Patodia

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