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Scarred on the Inside: Workshop on Self Harm and Addiction

Warning: content contains references to self harm, substance abuse, suicide

Ms. Bhandari educated us about Self-Harm, Addiction and The Link to Trauma and how to do away with it. Self-Harm is the intentional or deliberate injuring to the body tissue without suicidal intention. This can include cutting, burning, scratching or hitting oneself.

She explained the relationship between suicide and self-harm. She stated that the difference between both of them is intent, and that suicide attempts usually come from a state of hopelessness or despair.

The audience was briefed about the link between Self-Harm and mental disorders. They could be a result of personality disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse, or emotional and sexual abuse. She said that it is most commonly seen in adolescents and females.

Ms. Bhandari explained substance abuse. She stated that substance abuse is the compulsive use of substance despite its harmful effects and it is consumed to feel better, feel good, perform better or due to peer pressure. The audience was told that it can manifest into impaired control, social problems or withdrawal effects and can lead to distorted thinking, impaired body functions or behavior.

Ms. Bhandari stated that substance abuse has its own progress stages and the causes for it could be due to underlying mental health conditions, difficulty coping with surroundings, or a history of trauma. She described how self-harm and substance abuse are connected to trauma. she said that it is due to lack of coping resources, social support and understanding. It could also be linked to childhood neglect and abuse. She also stated that emotional dysregulation is a common factor.

Ms. Bhandari told us how to do away with self-harm and substance abuse. It can be done by introducing positive coping mechanisms, improvement in communication skills, counseling, self-help groups or medication.

We collaborated with Rotaract Club of Khalsa College, Rotaract Club of Podar College and Rotaract Club of Shivaji Park. In total 71 people attended the workshop.

A recording of the session can be found here. We encourage all our readers to watch this insightful discussion of Self-Harm and Addiction.

Our next event is “Heal Thy Self” on 10th October and 11th October. We look forward to seeing you there!

For further details, please email us at

Self Harm and Addiction
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