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Raise Money While Spreading Smiles

The Housie Project was the first fundraising initiative undertaken by Rotaract MNP under the guidance of its parent club. The purpose of the project was to raise money for our Mental Health Awareness initiative while also providing people with entertainment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Playing online Housie is the best way to have fun with friends and family without leaving our houses, and at the same time, following social distancing norms. The proceeds collected would be used for the mental health project which looks into providing therapy for people who are suffering from mental illnesses or problems but can't afford to seek help. 80% of the amount collected as ticket sales would be redistributed was prizes whereas the remaining 20% was withheld by the club for the Mental Health project.

We had a team of 9 members; each were assigned separate and important roles. The Housie games were played twelve times in the month of August with different themes for each game; this was done to make it more interesting. There were special questions and tasks which made the Housie event engaging. The numbers were called out on Zoom and were also sent on our WhatsApp group, in order to make it convenient and comfortable for people of all ages.

Over the twelve game days, we sold 1558 tickets and raised Rs 42,000 (inclusive of generous donations made by our regular Housie players). This amount raised by our club will be used for partnering with qualified therapists to help the needy youth.

We would like to thank one of our participants in particular, Mrs Radha Gupta, who sponsored our Bollywood themed Housie and provided prizes adding up to Rs 10,000.

Due to everyone’s generous contributions, and the hardwork of the team, we can proudly say that the club’s first fundraiser was a grand success!

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