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Marketing Solutions during a Pandemic

At the Rotaract, our core values are community service and professional development. Our goal is to educate our members and society at large by bridging the gap between #professionals in a particular field. To be able to do this, we have decided to post articles to update our network about developments in different disciplines. To kick off this series, our very talented Social Media Director, Aashi Jain who graduated from Bryant University with a major in #Marketing has made some key observations!

Some key observations about how companies have marketed themselves amidst a global crisis, and do a very good job at it! We hope to inspire you to stand out just like they did!

1) To encourage consumers to maintain their fitness and personal health, Nike made its club training subscription free for a limited period of time-- offering fans of the brand exclusive access to training, health and fitness content. 

2) Facebook released a brand campaign that delivers a message that ‘We’re Never Lost if we Can Find Each Other.’ The video encapsulates the message of togetherness and strength during this uncertain times. 

3) Microsoft Teams has added mental health, virtual commutes, meditation breaks, and work habits features for remote workers' mental health.


4) IKEA has collaborated with the creative team of McCann Madrid to come up with an ad that brings a simple yet powerful message that says - Reconnect With Your Home! Ikea pays tribute to our homes in this emotional ad. The video rekindles our memories associated with our home. It is the place where our kids grew up; we celebrated good news and, where we can be ourselves. Most importantly, it reassures people that we can turn everything around.

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