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Diwali Khushkiyon Ki

The idea for the project was to organise a Diwali party to create an atmosphere where members could get to know and bond with each other. With the Indian dress code, and potluck home cooked food would bring out the essence of the festival, which was the uniqueness of the event. The professional development head, Abhay Kagzi offered to arrange the venue for the event. The evening was filled with games and a lot of fun banter. Many new members also joined in for the celebration, thereby making the event a big success. The main idea behind the event was to strengthen the bond between all the members and to show them that the club along with aiming to create a social impact also believes in taking care of the members by coming up with innovative ways to break the ice for new members and increase the comfort level among the club. By organising many games and team activities, the party aimed to increase active participation among the general body members in various events of the club.

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