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A Roof Over Your Head

The Housing Project is one of the first initiatives undertaken by the Rotaract Club under the guidance of its parent club, the Rotary Club of Mumbai Nariman Point. The purpose of this project is to provide long-lasting housing facilities and sanitation to poor families in the Vada District - an area outside Mumbai - as this area has poor living conditions and weak forms of housing. With these funds we aim to build brick and cement houses with proper sanitation facilities so that they can focus on having a better livelihood rather than having to worry about a safe place to live. Each house costs Rs.40,000 to build.

We worked with a crowd-funding platform called Fuel a Dream, which is lead by Mr. Ranganath Thota. We used Fuel a dream as a platform to raise the funds and reach out to as many people we could. Thanks to the platform and our tenacity to help the people of the Vada District, we were able to cross our goal of Rs.1.2 lakh in 10 days, by collecting a whopping amount of Rs.1,28,000. The Rotary Club, working along with the government, has also donated Rs.2,00,000 for this project. The amount raised by the Rotaract itself is enough to build 3 fully functional houses.We would once again like to thank the entire team from Fuel a dream for the support they provided us. We would also like to mention one of our club members, Tanvi Sait, who worked incredibly hard on her campaign and crossed her goal within the first 48 hours. This project was a life skill learned for many of our members.

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