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An update on RoFresh

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Currently the team at Ro-Fresh is focusing on researching about each product and closely analysing when the product is the freshest and where we could source the best products from. This is our first step towards assuring every customer with the best quality products. The research process has been really gruesome as we don't want to compromise on the quality of products we provide.

Further, we have also started focusing on sourcing the products. Post research we have identified the main regions the products are being produced and our sourcing team has started contacting each Rotaract in those districts. We are trying to acquire trusted Rotary vendors from all across India, which is another step towards assuring the best quality products for our customers. The team has been divided into north, south, east and west, as we felt that this would help in better coordination and communication for products coming from the same region. We also aim on visiting the farms and checking out the way the produce is grown, cause we want to be sure that the products are being grown with utmost care and professionalism. But obviously the pandemic doesn't help us achieving this, so we are thinking of ways around it.

Our warehousing team has started preparing for the products that are going to come and started looking for delivery partners that would help us serve our customers and give our customers the freshest produce they would ever lay their eyes on.

Our marketing and technology team are working towards making our website. Rest assure the website is going to be easy to navigate and incase of any issues we are going to integrate a helpline number and when you call on that number you will be greeted by someone from our team who is going to help you out with any query that you have and also take feedback for our service.

We plan to launch our website and make it available to our customers in December. So we are tirelessly working towards achieving this goal and from there on to provide the best quality produce as well as service to our customer and our society.

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