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Sons And Daughters By Jc De Graft Pdf Download

Sons and Daughters by J.C. De Graft PDF Download

Sons and Daughters is a play by Ghanaian playwright Joe C. De Graft, first published in 1964 by Oxford University Press. The play deals with family life and the tensions that result from the clash of two different generations in an area of rapid social change. The main characters are Aaron and Maanan, a brother and sister who have different aspirations and values from their parents, who are traditional and conservative. Aaron wants to become a lawyer, while Maanan wants to pursue her passion for painting. Their parents, however, have other plans for them and try to impose their own views on their children's lives.

The play explores the themes of identity, culture, education, gender roles, and social change in post-colonial Ghana. It also examines the conflicts between modernity and tradition, individualism and collectivism, and freedom and responsibility. The play is written in English, but incorporates some elements of Ghanaian languages and culture, such as proverbs, songs, and rituals. The play has been praised for its realistic portrayal of Ghanaian society and its use of humor and irony to highlight the contradictions and dilemmas faced by the characters. The play has also been criticized for its stereotypical representation of women and its lack of political engagement.

Download Zip:

If you are interested in reading Sons and Daughters by J.C. De Graft, you can download a PDF version of the play from [this link]. Alternatively, you can buy a print copy of the play from [this website] or [this website]. You can also find more information about the play and its author from [this article] or [this article].

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