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Prince Of Persia Classic PSN

As in the original, you play the role of The Prince, and you are charged with rescuing The Princess, who has been imprisoned by the evil Jaffar. Ever the thoughtful one, Jaffar has given The Princess exactly 60 minutes to decide to marry him...or die. Even back in 1989 the whole "save the princess" thing wasn't particularly original, but hey, who can say no to a damsel in distress? Accepting the challenge means you've got 3,600 seconds to run, jump, and sword-fight your way to the exit door of each one of the palace's 14 levels and save The Princess from a fate worse than death: marriage.

Prince of Persia Classic PSN

Prince of Persia Classic still counts down the minutes until The Princess has to choose her fate, but instead of getting a "Game Over" screen when an hour has passed like in the original, you can now keep playing. You can still save the princess, too, though you get a slightly different ending if you beat the game in under an hour. Also making the game more forgiving, and as a result, more enjoyable, is the addition of a checkpoint on each level. Once you've reached the checkpoint you can start from there if you die, but know that the clock keeps ticking and doesn't reset to the original time when you hit the checkpoint. For anyone who isn't used to older games that simply drop you into the proceedings armed only with a "Good luck!" a glowing Tinkerbell-style sprite that points out where you need to go next is a nice addition. You can turn this assistance off if you wish.

The only thing that's disappointing about this version of Prince of Persia is that the original game doesn't appear to be part of the package. Sure, its punishing difficulty might not hold up all that well today, but its inclusion would have been nice, if only to show how great of a job Gameloft did on Prince of Persia Classic. Other developers should take note: This is how you bring a classic game to a downloadable service.

It should be noted that theclassic Prince of Persia games havebeen available on PSN since November, so the only news there is that the trilogy will now be available on Blu-Ray and as a packaged download. And we already knew the Splinter Cell collection was coming, as that information leaked a while back. The news is really the details, which are in the next paragraph, so you'd better jump on down there.

Released in June 2007 on Xbox 360 and October 2008 on PlayStation 3 by Gameloft, Prince of Persia Classic is a remake of the original Prince of Persia game. The gameplay is the same, featuring 2D platforming and swordfighting combat as you attempt to guide the prince out of the dungeon and out to his destiny, which is to beat up like, 5 different Jafars/Viziers. What is it with Jafars/Viziers and being evil?

For idchoppers, if you have played prince of persia you'll know what a chopper is, so that it should give you a chainsaw makes very good sense, so it would be, identification choppers, and since a chainsaw basicly are moveable choppers, well you have it. 041b061a72

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