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Call Me GrandmaWorst Roommate Ever : Season 1 E... !!BETTER!!

Netflix released the official trailer for Worst Roommate Ever on February 4, 2022. The video covers real footage, news archives, 911 call recordings, and video clips of all the victims and perpetrators that the series will cover in detail in the first season. The trailer opens with a distressed woman on a 911 call who sounds afraid of her roommate. Then we also see a few victims who talk about their desperation to find a roommate and how that hurried decision led them to a spine-chilling experience. The voiceover also introduces the four perpetrators that would be featured in the series and how each of them horrified their victims while living with them as roommates. Overall, the trailer shows how seemingly decent and peaceful people turn out to be grifters and psychopathic criminals.

Call Me GrandmaWorst Roommate Ever : Season 1 E...

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In the years since, the streamer has pumped out hundreds of true crime sagas, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Its latest, Blumhouse Television's five-part limited series, keeps it simple. The sensationalist title, plucked directly from several newspaper headlines, says it all. Worst Roommate Ever charts four cases of murder, deception, theft, focusing on one roommate from hell each time, with the first case split across two episodes. 041b061a72

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