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Fuel A Dream Housing Crowd Funding Project

“The project came to me through my father. It was for a great cause and I had not heard about such a way of raising funds, hence I found it extremely fascinating.” -Rtr. Hredaye Jalan


This project was introduced to us by the President of the Rotary Club of Nariman Point,Rtn Shailesh Jalan to the Rotaract Club of Nariman Point.The Rotary Club along with the Government has pledged to build ‘Pakka Houses’ for the locals in villages outside Mumbai city, in the Palghar District. We partnered with an organization called ‘Fuel A dream’ run by Mr. Ranganath Thota, which is a crowdfunding platform used to launch various campaigns and raise funds.

After a meeting with Mr. Ranganath Thota, who introduced us to crowdfunding and the process of raising money through it, we were ready to launch our campaigns.


Once our volunteers launched their campaigns, they reached out to their immediate contacts like parents, family and friends to kickstart the campaign.The next step was to promote the project, hence our volunteers asked their contacts to take the campaigns forward by sharing it with their family and friends to keep the momentum going.


By the end of the campaign, we were able to raise a total of Rupees 1.28 lakhs which was more than the inital goal of 80,000.


Event Details:-

Presented by Rtn.Shailesh Jalan

Money Raised Rs.1.28 Lakhs

Chairperson - Rtr.Hredaye Jalan

Team - Rtr. Adil Harianwala, Rtr.Tanvi Sait and Rtr. Rishik Gupta

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