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July 30, 2020

Speed Dating - but instead of finding a potential life partner, you’re looking for a potential friend for life. Networking is increasingly gaining attention in this close-knit world because you never know who can help you out at some point of time in life. Networking by itself is scary for many people because of the uneasiness to meet new people. This is exactly what Rotaract MNP’s event was aimed at - we wanted to instil a family-like feeling amongst our Board of Directors - to facilitate and improve communication. 
5 rounds of mingling in pairs of 2 for 5 separate rounds was the initial plan. Technical glitches placed the same people in the same rooms for consecutive rounds but this was soon rectified. 
The Covid pandemic has forced us to adjust to new normals such as organising large group, virtual meetings. Our Speed Networking event lent a new skillset to our Fellowship team. 
Overall, it was a very successful event which united the board as we progress through the initial phases of building our club.

Fellowship Event: Speed Networking: News & Updates
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