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Project Shabdkosh

Out of 26 million Indian children who are born, over 50% do not get access to education as their parents/guardians can’t afford it. Education is still considered as something for India’s elite population. Keeping this in mind, we introduced “Project Shabdkosh”. ”Shabdkosh” in literal terms refers to “your vocabulary”. This project aimed to help children access resources that would help them get the right education. The project began when activist Raj Waghmare reached out to one of our general body members, Aashi Jain. Raj Waghmare works with 60 children from grade 6 to 10, where he provides them with educational services. He reached out to RMNP with the purpose of helping acquire textbooks, notebooks, stationery, or any other resources for them to study. Aashi decided to make her house a collection/distribution point. She asked all members to donate as many books, stationery or anything they wished to donate that could help the children. It was a unique experience for all the members who helped in whatever way possible. We collectively donated over 100 notebooks, and 30 reading books & textbooks. We also provided various stationery to the 60 children and made sure everyone had enough resources. We also committed to Raj that whenever any of them are in need of any resources they can approach us directly & we would be more than happy to help them.

Event Details:-

Chairperson - Rtr. Aashi Jain

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