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Santa and Candy Canes

Christmas is a festival that is celebrated with a lot of pomp each year all around the globe. It is a festival that brings various cultures together under one roof. The idea of this project was initiated to celebrate the festival in its truest essence - the joy of gifting, hence we thought of secret santa as an event The organising committee made sure the venue, menu and decor was Christmas oriented. A christmas tree was also arranged prior to the event under which the members could arrange their gifts. On the day of the event, the organising committee reached prior to the event and made sure all the things were in place. The initial 2 hours were kept open for members to interact with each other and get to know each other better. It was also kept open so that they could enjoy the live music arranged for the event at the venue, following which, we began with the secret santa event. A twist in the event was that whoever was receiving a gift had to guess who had given them the gift. Those who couldn’t figure the name of their anonymous friend were given small punishments/tasks. The main idea behind this event was to strengthen the bond between all the members and to show them that the club along with aiming to create a social impact also believes in taking care of their own members by celebrating festivals and breaking the ice between new members and increasing the comfort level among the club.

Event Details:-

Chairperson - Rtr. Jenisha Shah, Rtr. Divyesh Gopani , Rtr. Tarun Khetan and Rtr.Anamika Sanghi

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