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Reading Between the Lines

“Reading between the lines” in literal terms refers to “looking for or discovering a meaning that is implied rather than explicitly stated”. Reading between the lines aims to help students and schools in the interiors of Maharashtra learn and adapt to English language and help them develop a brighter future for themselves. The RMNP team collaborated with the Rotary Club of Mumbai Nariman Point to carry forward this project. On 21st August, we decided to adopt 5 Marathi medium schools for this project in the Shahapur district. The books were carried by the Rotaract club of Mumbai Nariman Point and distributed amongst teachers and students across classes. Alongside the “English Vaani” books, clothes and other gifts were taken for the students and teachers in the school. Furthermore, our team explained the contents of the book to the teachers to further help them understand it

Event Details:-

Collaboration With :- Rotary Club of Mumbai Nariman Point

Chairperson - Rtr. Yash Kapadia, Rtr. Shubh Kapadia and Rtr. Aarushi Chitlangania

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