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Mental Health Awareness: News & Updates


“A good opportunity was provided to me by a friend from the RC Mumbai Bravehearts to collaborate on the project. With people having to juggle many different things in today's world, we have to juggle between many different things.Ekta Rajani spoke about this in a very different manner which revolved around connecting with your inner self and the aura we create around ourselves.” -Rtr Sohail Munshi

Ekta Rajani guides us to embrace ourselves, find balance, and experience communion through simple daily exercises.


We had to collaborate by posting 3 stories, sending 6 members for participation, and sending the list of the same.


There have been 4 previous workshops of the same and each have yielded a good turnout. This event had 71 people attending, with 9 from our club.


Event Details:-

Organised By - Ekta Rajani

Members Present - 9

Chairperson - Rtr. Sohail Munshi                        

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